December 1, 2016

Christmas Countdown

well its the first day of December, do you feel ready for all the
hoopla that is coming this month.  I am getting there, I dont want
to feel rushed this month, I want to slow down and enjoy Christmas, and the
holiday season.  I have got the parcel to my sister who lives out of
town sent out before the rush.  I have most of the Christmas shopping done.
I dont have the tree up yet but am in no hurry to do it.  Since I got
a new tree a couple of years ago its like heaven to put up.  Already had the
lights on it, which as we all know is most of the job.  The decorating part
is the fun part.  I really used to go all out and decorate a lot, but
I have really paired down on my Christmas stuff.  I decided no
baking will be done by me this year, as I am on weight watchers,
I can even freeze the cookies, but somehow they magically
disappear out of the freezer, to be eaten frozen.  I keep
telling my husband, that someone else in the house must be eating them lol.
Both the hubster an I have decided that we wont buy anything for
each other this year.  First off we dont need anything, when we
want we buy it, we are both retired and dont need much.  I never thought
I would hear my self say that but its true.  We buy for the daughter and
her husband, and my mother inlaw, we have a small family.  Okay
I have found a couple of great videos I thought you might like 


  1. You sound just like me this year. HB and I are decorating but we're taking our time and if it gets done okay and if not that's okay, too. One tree is up and finished and the other one is in the process.

    We, too, have a small family and don't buy a lot of gifts. And most of the things I want are art supplies that I'd rather get myself. I think HB feels the same about the things he wants so other than a small "token" gift to put under the tree, we aren't buying for each other either.

    I like your Christmas wreath picture...pretty and festive.

  2. Great wreath! Love the colours. I managed to get the front porch and yard decorated, but nothing inside. No baking, very little shopping done - November was almost a write off as we were both sick on/off the whole month. So I'll be scurrying around once I get back from Victoria!

  3. new tiny tree put up, no baking as Im overweight and dont need to undo the good work so far, dh hates sweet stuff, no gifts either both retired and dont need much either! I think at this age we all seem to be at the same level! enjoy the tree decorating Lee!

  4. My daughter put our trees up early put we have paired down too... I find less it more now. When she has kids if she wants to do more she can! We haven't exchanged gifts for several years now and it works perfectly. We get a few gifts for a few others...mainly kids. We have scaled down. Daughter is baking less than normal too. Plus we are eating it more as we go...and very slowly. She will bake for a few people in need though!! Thanks for the awesome links as always! Beautiful art to start the season!