November 22, 2016


Sometimes you just need to simplify your life.  This last year
I have been working hard to do that.  I am in the process
of ridding myself of extra baggage.  I mean that figuratively.
I have been going thru all of our things and saying do we need this in our life, have we used this, what would it mean if I didnt have it.
When you retire your needs are not the same as when you worked.
Your dont need all the fancy clothes for work, you dont eat as much
away from the house, as you have the whole day to think of what
you are going to make, and you have all day to make it.  Your kids are grown up (hopefully) and out of the house and its just you and the hubster, all alone in a big house thats to big for the two of you.
So you think of downsizing, that is what we are in process of doing, thinking about downsizing our life.  So when you downsize hopefully you go smaller, so all the stuff you have accumulated over a life time wont fit in a smaller house.  So before we get to the actual stage of deciding where to move and when, I am going to lighten our load.



  1. That's a great idea, we all have much too much! Love your long necked lady, she is gorgeous. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Lee, this is exactly what I've been doing over the past several months. I'm taking each room and deciding what I want and what I don't want. Then it gets boxed up and donated. I still have a long way to go but I'm getting there. And don't you feel good when you have some clear space? I love it!!

  3. us too! we have been doing this for a while now as we also are thinking of downsizing and taking a much smaller load with us than ever before. I think a lot of people get to this stage and think or do the same! I'm finding clothes the hardest to part with!