March 27, 2016

News from Cauraco

The all long the beach are these amazing abandoned houses. Right on the ocean.  They are just left to rot.  As this island is a world heritage site it's costs a lot of money to fix them.
I ave been creating art in this little book I brought and some black pens and a watercolor set.
I enjoy just doing nothing but the hubster not so much.  This is not the kind of holiday for him.
The weather has been amazing
Everyday there is a breeze which helps with the heat
Apparently there is no wind in August,sep,October and is hotter than hell
We having been laying under a palm hut today because we are burnt
Not a local quite yet
We don't go far at night because we advised against not quite safe
The have entertainment every night and you eat under the stars
Saw a wedding yesterday very beautiful
3 restaurants at this resort food is very good


  1. Your holidays sounds great and the pictures look lovely. Doing nothing but only creating some art must be wonderful! I love your holiday girls!

  2. It sounds great to be someplace warm. I hope you enjoy.

  3. So happy you had a good time!! Sorry late catching up!

    Hugs Giggles