July 29, 2015

Times they are a changing....

Her jaw is to big, but at least she is not in her regular pose, I am
trying to change up the girls, so they look different.
My neighbour has been staying here, until she moves
to Ottawa tomorrow, so I have been busy and not
much art has been created. I have  a few things
in the works, one canvas I have covered with vintage
wallpaper and gessoed it, but it still shows thru,
I am excited to see what I am going to do with
that one,  I am working on eulogy as the funeral
is on Saturday.  And that's it for today, other
than we are going out for a farewell dinner


  1. I know what you mean about changing things up. I don't like the way my profile views look and I am currently working on a piece with a profile view and am trying hard to get it to look right. But you know what they say 'practice makes perfect'. Lol!

  2. I like that your faces aren't "perfect"...not many people have perfect faces. And you add so much detail and other interesting things to your pieces that it becomes a complete picture and no one notices the "imperfections" except you!

  3. Wow you are a busy lady! Your ladies are always different no matter what! I love seeing what you come up with next!! It a shot of daily happiness for me! Like Janet I have never been one to like perfect faces either...I love how cohesive your style is. It's as though each piece flows into the next one!! She is beautiful and looks as though she has a bit of a half smirk as if she has a secret!

    Hugs Giggles