July 22, 2015

The Librarian speaks.

Hey fellow bloggers, just thought I would sit down a write a few
words, while its quite around here.  Nobody needs my attention at
the moment.  The lady above looks like she has some wild hair
happening, just think of her with a strong breeze blowing thru
her hair.  I am off to the airport, to pick up a friend that has come
into town on a fly by visit, she is the one we go to Phoenix with
in October.  Yesterday went to my monthly art journaling class,
which I happen to love, just lots of laughs, and oh and awing over everybody's art.
Lots of art tips, and just general fun.   Right now I am reading two great books,
one I bought which is Pam Carrikers Portraits book, which I highly recommend,
I took it out of the library first, decided I liked it and bought it.  I have
to many art books that I have bought and never used.  The second book
which I got out of the Library is Lisa Congdons, book called Art Inc.  Its about
building your Career as a Artist.  You know I thought I was to old , but you
know she just fell into Art at the age of 32 and she is very successful.  I
also recommend this book.  The cd I am listening to in the car, I cant
get enough of its called The Wife tale by Lori Lansens, I recommend this cd, or book, I knowyou will like it, if you have ever had a weight problem, you will
know how she feels. Look at me acting like your Librarian.  The weather is crap
today, so no sitting on the deck unless I need another shower.  So I am
off to the art room to try to work on something, anything, I need some
inspiration.  What you are doing today? 


  1. Mmm! I will have to take a look at Pam's book. Thanks for the tip. I am currently waiting for two 'arty' books to arrive in the post. I'm hoping they arrive tomorrow.

  2. I'm loving the look of your blog and how I can click on your art to enlarge it and it's really big and so cool to look at!! Thanks for the head up on all the reading and the cd...I would love to know about the cd...and for your personal info Louise Hay started her spiritual quest at 50 and she is still highly successful at 88...it's NEVER too late to actualize your dream!! It's the power of positive thought!!

    Hugs Giggles


    1. The cd is great but you can get the book as well thanks for the nice comments about the blog I miss my old one but trying to make this one user friendly

  3. I love the wild-haired woman!! I have Pam Carriker's Portraits book, too. And I have Lisa Congdon's book on my list of ones to buy. We really do think alike!!
    You can be my librarian anytime...you have good suggestions... I just noticed Giggles comment above about Louise Hay. I love Louise Hay and have read many of her books. She is an inspiration for me.