July 20, 2015

Getting by.....

Hey, how was your weekend.  Mine was good, not great, but good.
My friend is much sicker and has not much time left, so I
have been spending time with her.  Iwent to a art sale, bought a few supplies.
 Had the shopper and
the boyfriend over for dinner, did a little bit of sketching, some
posting on instagram, and watched a little TV. 
Today I am having lunch with my neighbour, and then I am going
up to the hospital to visit my friend, its leftovers for dinner.  I have been
reading this book about the Japanese way of organizing,  I
am going to try it out on the studio.  Sometimes when I am stuck
in a art rut shuffling around my supplies helps.  What helps you
get out of an art rut?


  1. I wish I had an answer for you but I don't. When I'm in an art rut/slump I just let it play out until I feel creative again.
    I'm sorry about your friend. It's so difficult to have to watch someone you care about suffer. I'm sending you good thoughts...for you and your friend.

  2. I hear you about the shuffling and being in a slump. I am so tired out at the end of the day that sometimes I just need some distance from it all.
    I love what you have created...so full of happy!

  3. Ooh so sorry about your friend. I won't allow there to be any clutter near my front door entrance because whenever there is, unexpected bills come in... I always say to watch the feng shui. It works too... As soon as you get rid of things new good things come to you...it's amazing. Just embrace the creative lull as you are, studying books and learning new business aspects and soon the creative bits will well up inside and beg to come out!! This is a gorgeous piece too...one that would make a fabulous print!!

    Hugs Giggles