July 11, 2015


I did this girl in my sketchbook and then I did something on the opposite page
and didn't realize that the color bled thru, so now she has a stripe.  Oh well
that's what happens in a sketchbook.  Today its really smokey out, we
have at least 100 forest fires in our province burning out of control.  It has been
an usually hot summer hear with very little rain.  Before you know it,
we will be the new California of the north, and California, will be alberta.
Today I am off to Ikea with the shopper, she is doing her basement and
needs to look at the laminate for the counters.  I am tagging along
because I like Ikea and cannot resist.  Last night I went to the mall (which
I try to avoid in the summer) because its packed full of tourists, and bought
a new pair shorts (for the trip, which we won to the Caribbean, because
when we go which will be in the winter, they wont have summer clothes out yet.
So I am buying a few things at a time, things I need for sure are
beach hat (hats and me don't have a good look)
sun dresses at least 2
beach coverup
and as I think of more I write it down. I have summer clothes of course,
but things I normally wont wear around here but would wear at the beach.
Okay gotta go also have meatballs in the ovens cooking, so the bell
is ringing they are done.  Talk to you all soon.  Whats you favourite
item that you would take on a beach TRIP.
Also I am linking this over to http://www.kimdellow.co.uk/2015/07/art-it-friday-show-your-face_10.html great site give it a visit


  1. Great face! You know I think the bleed through kind of works, if you had not had said I would have through it was an integral part of your background texture! Thank you for linking up to Show Your face and for the shout out too. Kx

  2. Great face stripe and all! I'd take long cool dresses... that's my go to thing to wear. There should be some great deals out there pretty soon. Also check online at your favorite stores... you can always return them to the store if you don't like a crowds!

    Hugs Giggles