July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day

Today is Canada Day......its beautiful out, the sun is shining and its BBQ weather.
No I am not BBQ tonight we are having leftovers, Tuna Casserole, a throw back
to the 70's, except mine is skinny tuna Casserole, just as delicious but
not with all those pesky calories.
Today I cleaned my summer and winter closets , got rid of
old things that don't fit, put the slippery items that fall off the
hanger onto new hangers with felt on them (thanks dollar store 4 hangers for 2.00)
and tried an new way to hang tanks.  This idea I got off pinterest and
works so good.  Give it a try.
this is not my image got it off facebook


  1. I feel like all I do is reorganize and sort and somehow it never lets organized or sorted. Hmmm… This week I am trying to fill the trash can and recyle bin both up and make piles to donate. And next week too, and hopefully the week after that. Then my kiddos come home and the place will get full again. Argh. Happy Canada day. My birthday is our national holiday - July fourth. Always hated that as a kid. Too many firecracker jokes. Enjoy the casserole. We are eating out of the frog until it's empty too!

  2. I'm a day late but Happy Canada Day to you! We truly must me connected because I just cleaned out my closet and re-organized everything. I'm trying the Konmari method of organizing. I saw it online and did some checking and it looks interesting. Amazon has a book but I haven't bought it since I think I get the general idea from the online info I found.