June 9, 2015

instagram,facebook, or the blog

today its out to dinner for Chinese food (celebration for my mother inlaws 85th birthday.
making a hair appointment
working on my summer canvas (pictures tomorrow)
are you on instagram or facebook, I resisted for a long time because
I didn't really understand how it all worked.  But now I got it
figured out, my blog posts to facebook, and I have joined some groups. That
is about my extent on facebook, have I got any new people from my blog
being on facebook, I don't think so.  Instagram, I post pictures of my art,
with a little line about it, and then you #hastag things like art, sketches etc
and then you get followers. Its like a mini blog, and your art gets
seen by many more people.  If I have to be only on one, I would pick
Instagram.  If you haven't joined up go ahead its easy and its fun.
This is not a paid announcement for instagram (lol).

1 comment :

  1. Hello Lee, I like Instagram too, but I prefer the little chats on your blogpost that I get with your paintings. It doesn't quite seem the same on Instagram.