January 19, 2017

abstract thoughts

today I have been very busy
got up at 6:00 am 
which just about killed me
went for a MRI and was
home by 8:00 am

made soup, turkey pepperoni/chicken
vegetable soup.  Or whatever was in my
fridge that needed to be used soup.  Then
a banana, strawberry loaf on the skinny side.
Cleaned out a couple of drawers,  in the
kitchen.  Got my art kit ready to take
to the creative meetup tonight.  And
now I am reading and relaxing.


1 comment :

  1. That's so funny...I'm making soup today with whatever I had in the fridge and the pantry. We're thinking alike. Plus I baked an apple cinnamon thing that we can use for breakfast.
    I like the abstract art, too.