March 16, 2016


well its been a busy couple of days around the old homestead
Devil Dog has not been herself for a couple of weeks,\
so we decided she needed a trip to the Doctor, for a checkup
while she has cancer, she has lung cancer, and stomach cancer,
something is also wrong with her spine, cancer, they aren't sure.
nothing can be done about this except keep her comfortable
according to the vet is 1 month - 6 months
we were so upset we almost cancelled the holiday
she like a child to us.  But my daughter assured us she
would ensure she felt loved and cared for while we were gone.
She is off her food, she sleeps all the time, but the vet
says she really isn't in any pain, yet, she is not whimpering
I think she will tell us when she's ready to go,
Okay enough gloom, the weather in Curacao is 31 today
and here its 4, so looking forward to that, a week
today we will be there.


  1. Awe so sorry to hear about your Baby...yes you always know when it's time... I've had four over 35 years one as old as 18. It was a lifetime commitment of mutual's never easy but you always know when it's time to put them down..Again so sorry..I'm such a dog lover I know this pain.

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Enjoy your trip - so sad to hear about your dog - hope she really have no pain - wonderful face always Lee!

  3. I have to agree with the other posters, you will know when its time to say goodbye. I hope the sadness doesnt spoil your time away, I'm sure your dd will look after her very well. great pic!