September 26, 2015

Day 26 Lou Lou

sometimes she liked having a long neck, especially when
she went to concerts , she had a great view.
|Well its almost over, am I sad a little bit, but glad to go on
to other things.  29 days of making faces is hard.
Fall is here especially where I live, the wind is blowing the leaves, and
we already have had the heat and the fireplace on.  I have decided to
make some fall goals, usually its new years, but I am changing it up this year
has a whole blog post plus links of people who joined in, alas I was
a little late to the party.  So I decided to do my own.
I know you have heard me lament my weight before, how I am
going to lose it etc.  Well I have taken it down a little and decided on
small steps.  By Christmas I would like to be down 20 lbs.  Small
but doable.
I go swimming daily, but I could take it up a notch.  I have
gotten into a routine and only do one thing.  So I am going to
switch up the exercise.  One day water walk, one day, swim laps etc.
I am a big big reader.  I love to read, I read a lot online, I get the books
from the library online, and read at night. But I tend to overlook
the other person in the room, and get to involved in reading, and ignore
the hubster.  So I have decided to read a little during the day, and some
before bed.
I have been wanting to sell some of my art.  I have found a place to
make good prints, I have joined Instagram, I still post daily\
on this blog, but still not getting a lot of readers.   Fridays I have
instituted Tuts and Videos, etc in hopes of getting
more people interested in my art.  I have submitted my
are to magazines etc.  I was going to give it all up,.
clean the art room, and forget about it.  But I have
decided to try again for another year.  Its not about the money
for me, its about the art, so I have decided that I am
going to give my art to family and friends, whether they
want it or not (lol)
Okay that's enough for today more on goals on Sunday
talk to you then.


  1. You're amazing! I thought I would do 29 Faces but fizzled out (as I always do!) after only a few. You stick with it and I admire that. And now you're setting goals...and such good ones. You're making me feel bad, girl!!

  2. Great art! I love quirky! I love the stories! Ever think of licensing your art for cards or collecting the women for a humor book! They're fun. Don't stop. It's not easy getting followers but you have to keep spreading it around. It's hard work marketing art. But do not give up!!