June 26, 2015

Hello Summer

Well its done, 8 images sent to the magazine.  So we will wait and see what
happens.  Its all good, around here.  Its very hot out the last couple of days which is good, because we have winter so long, hot days are a blessing.
Today is cleanup the fridge day, I don't cook you eat what you want
out of the fridge and try to get rid of all the old food, before grocery shopping on
Saturday.  Tomorrow,my art store has its annual sale, and BBQ and workshops,
and of course I am going. And I am going to sit on the deck today and soak
up some rays, and turn this white than white skin a little darker.
A pretty boring life, but hey I worked for 35 years and I am happy to
sit around and do nothing.


  1. Sounds like a good day to me. It's hot here, too...expecting 103º today. No sitting outside for me. I'm just playing in my journals and doing laundry.

    I'm so glad you followed through and sent in the submission. I'm sure they will accept it. Your art is great!!

  2. Good day in my world too...who said you have to do things... just enjoy! The heat we have is coming your way soon!! Love this piece!!

    Hugs Giggles