June 6, 2015

A little paint goes along way

This is a picture I did in an art journal class that I took.  I have fun once a month
I go and take an art journal class, all the same ladies, and we just have fun and learn
a little along the way. And I get to meet like minded ladies
Well I think today might be the day that we start working on the deck.  It needs
a good paint job and clean up, I have been sitting out there in hopes of getting
some color on me but I like a nice place to sit.  So the hubster has heard enough
of my bitching and complaining and is going to do something about it. I even said
I would help him, after I picked him off the floor from fainting from disbelieve he
said I could be 2nd in command.
Okay enough jibber jabber what is on your weekend agenda?.


  1. Thanks for visiting and letting me know about your new blog Lee. I think it must be quite liberating having to start afresh. I often think I would like to do the same with a new blog name but you risk loosing the following you have built up. This weekend (I'm a little embarrassed to admit is being spent mostly in front of the television watching Tennis and Formula1. But I have managed to do some art in front of the television and will post tomorrow on my blog and of course I will be doing the draw for my giveaway.

  2. Today was a lazy day...mostly I crocheted and played on the computer. Tomorrow HB and I are going to an art show. Gotta check out my competition!

  3. I love your quirky art and since you asked what's up, I had some girlfriends over yesterday and we made cards - lots of fun! Then today is about church, worship and rest.

  4. Once you get started you may regret saying you'd help silly girl...he seems like a guy who NEEDS to be busy or cleaning!! lol Enjoy!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. And another lovely girl! Love her serene look and the black heart behind her as a contrast! Sounds good new colors on the deck...have fun! ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly